SA Portable Extendable LED Torch and Magnet Light

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This Break-Neck Flexible Magnetic Flashlight Can Be Used Anywhere! 

This lightweight tool is perfect to use while you’re out in the wilderness or at home in the workshop! If you love hiking, camping or other outdoor activities, this little flashlight provides a more flexible and easy-to-use tool without sacrificing light! Do you find yourself continually spending time in a workshop, or spending hours or days at a time making tight repairs in your workspace? This tool is the solution to your lighting woes, completely replacing any normal work light!

  • Flexible Design: Twists into almost any shape!
  • Durable and Lightweight: Built from CCC-certified aluminum!
  • Hands-Free Magnet: Magnetized end ring retrieves tough-to-reach items!
  • Lightweight and Illuminating: 4-oz LED-powered design capable of HIGH OUTPUT!
  • Telescopic Design: Extends from 6 to 22 inches and allows you to see hard-to-see places!

Collections: Outdoors, Survival, Tactical

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