SA Tactical Waist Bag

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Survival Addicts Tactical Waist Bag - What if a full sized tactical bag pack or shoulder pack is more than what your mission require? This is exactly when you need a lightweight, functional storage in a compact design that still offers the same rugged dependability of larger bags. This bag is designed to provide rapid access to its contents. Our bags are made from durable materials and feature usable space for smaller valuables, may it be extra ammunition, mags or just important documents. We here at Survival Addicts strive to make lightweight tactical storage a convenience.
Type:Tactical Waist Bag
Material: 600D Nylon
Size: 12 x 6 x 17.5cm
Good for use on hikes, treks or other travel
Colors: Green/Khaki/Black/CP/ACU/TAN/Desert DigitalCamo


Military Tractical Waist Bag RL10-0007-36Military Tractical Waist Bag RL10-0007-371Military Tractical Waist Bag RL10-0007-37Military Tractical Waist Bag RL10-0007-43Military Tractical Waist Bag RL10-0007-44Military Tractical Waist Bag RL10-0007-46Military Tractical Waist Bag RL10-0007-47Military Tractical Waist Bag RL10-0007-48