Floating Solar Powered Water Fountain

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The solar water pump is powered by solar energy and will help you create your own water feature. This floating water pump operates in direct sunlight with your choice of four different fountain heads. It elegantly floats on the water's surface & shoots beautiful jets of water into the air. You can place it in any body of water whether it be in your garden pond, pool or fountain with no electricity or maintenance required!

1) solar powered
utilizes energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar technology with no extra battery or electricity
2) fast start-up
starts automatically when it gets enough sunshine
3) brushless motor
provides more robust pump power and long service time
4) pond/fountain decor
creates beautiful water displays. Comes included with different nozzles for more effects & soothing sounds
decorates your garden, pond, koi pond, pool or aquarium
5) eco-friendly
the design gives you a low carbon consumption life style
6) fast & easy setup
takes only seconds to set up
7) runs during overcas/cloudy days
will run when sunlight is not optimal
8) cleans & refreshes the surroundings
refreshes the air & increase the humidity.
9) can stay in place or float freely
suction cups helps anchors it in place or simply let it float & move around freely.
10) zero maintenance
the best part is once it is set up there is no more maintenance required!