SA 20L Foldable Outdoor Camping Solar Shower

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Make outdoor showering a breeze with the SA 20 Liter Solar Shower. Holding up to 20 liters of water, this Solar Shower can run continuously for eight to ten minutes, allowing multiple showers or rotation between users with an effortless on/off toggle switch.

The SA20 Liter Solar Shower comes in a  features a large rubber handle for easy transportation and hanging. The handle connection is double layered to provide maximum support when hanging and extends the life of the solar shower. Place in a sunlit area and monitor the water temperature with the temperature gauge for a warm shower. The SA Liter Solar Shower features a secure twist-cap filling spout, Velcro straps and tie downs, providing extra ease for setup and use. Whether hiking to a destination camp site or setting up your tent by the lake, the SA 20 Liter Solar Shower is convenient, light-weight and simple to pack.