SA Quick-Drying Sports Towel With Silicone Case

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The product fabric adopts nano-microfiber quick-drying fabric, the composition is composed of 85% polyester + 15% nylon, the weight is 100gsm, and the storage shell is made of 100% pure food grade silica gel, which is not only heat-resistant, anti-drop and anti-pressure but also easy to carry. Can be hung on the backpack, very lightweight and practical.

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  • Water absorption: The product adopts ultra-light microfiber fabric made of nanotechnology. Although the fabric is light and thin, the water absorption is 2~3 times of its own.
  • Quick-drying: 3D honeycomb advanced technology is used in the manufacturing process. After the fabric absorbs water, it can be quickly placed on the surface of the fabric. At the same time, the raw material is made of ultra-fine fiber, which makes the fabric very light and thin, and has quick-drying characteristics.
  • Skin-friendly softness: The fabric is originally made of polyester-rubber composite yarn, the front microfiber polyester material, and the inner layer is made of micro-fiber nylon material, which makes the fabric skin-friendly, soft and comfortable.
  • It is equipped with a silicone protective cover, which is easy to hang and has a hook. It can be hung on a backpack, which is small and stylish. Hollow dripping, breathable and quick-drying.
  • A variety of colors, free to choose.
  • Travel outdoor sports best partner.